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Garage Door Openers Service | Garage Door Repair Monticello, MN

When it comes to automatic garage door systems, our team has dealt with pretty much every kind of problem you can imagine. The tiny insect nest blocking one of the photo eye sensor, for example. Or a tennis ball that somehow knocked one of the safety sensors loose. As uncommon as these issues may be, there's nothing our professional technicians can’t handle! Some homeowners may be tempted to fix opener related problems on their own, but that is not a wise idea. The reasons to leave the job to our professionals are many. A lack of knowledge and the absence of proper tools could lead to matters becoming worse, rather than better. Not to mention, there's always the potential for injury. The optimal performance of this type of device is absolutely crucial, which is why you need to reach out to us as soon as you experience a problem.

Professional Motor Repair

There’s a lot more to your garage door opener than first meets the eye. It is an intricate device made up of a variety of mechanical and electrical components, and it is what effectively controls the movement of the panels. A worn or broken motor gear can impede the smooth operation of your door, and may even prevent it from moving entirely. Our technicians can replace the damaged component with a new one and see to it that your opener returns to its proper functioning.

Complete Unit Replacement

Unfortunately, sometimes repairing a malfunction is not enough, and there will come a time when your entire opener will need to be replaced. This time will grow nearer and nearer the older your current unit gets. When it does arrive, look no further than our team. We'll be able to help you distinguish between the benefits and disadvantages chain drive and belt drive models have to offer, and make sure that you take things like Wi-Fi compatibility and backup batteries into consideration.

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Once you’ve decided on an opener model that is best suited for your requirements, we'll take care of the installation process. Our skilled technicians will make sure everything is set up properly and that your door can open and close without any issues. Contact us today for more information.

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