Garage Door Maintenance

With garage door maintenance, the system is tuned up and performs better for longer.

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Garage doors are comprised of many parts that need some treatment over the years. With the right treatment, they last longer and perform better. Garage door repair services won't be needed as often. People would just hear the normal noise of the door's movement and of the opener and not noise coming from worn and non-lubricated parts. Garage door maintenance is the way parts are treated. This service is seen in the context of preventive measures so that serious problems will be avoided till the next maintenance service. This way, parts move better and the system is much healthier.

Maintenance takes care of garage systems

Garage Door Maintenance in MinnesotaWhen garage door parts are tightened well, lubricated properly and adjusted, they will operate well. Lubrication maintenance and tightening of fasteners ensure the disappearance of noises. Good adjustment of the door and possibly of other parts too will ensure the proper movement of the door and the avoidance of jamming. Such interventions are all included in garage door maintenance procedures. These are the steps we follow in order to tune up the garage system. The first step the technicians of Garage Door Repair Monticello take is to check the components.

Inspection is one of the most important steps. It allows us to check the condition of all components before we proceed with their repairs. If there are specific problems, we also troubleshoot the problem in order to isolate it and solve it properly. Maintenance includes the treatment of the door and, above all, its adjustment. When the springs are not balanced well, the door sags to the side. Eventually, the little gap under the door will grow from one side. Checking the balance of the springs is one of our priorities, too. Garage door adjustment is included in the service as well.

Apart from the good inspection of the mechanical parts, we also check the parts of the electric operators. The chain needs lubrication as well. One other priority of our technicians is to check the sensors. We make sure their lights are on, the wiring is okay and they are adjusted. With the completion of the routing service, problems are solved and the system is tuned up.

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